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Super Blogger Feature: How Sarah Von Bargen makes life Yes and YES!

Yes and Yes

There are not many blogs I have time to follow religiously but I wanted to share with you a killer blog that I just love in every way!

Introducing Sarah Von Bargen, the gorgeous queen of awesomeness and the founder of Yes and Yes. (more…)

How do you get to live such an AWESOME lifestyle?

Ruin Jumping at Copan

We get this question all the time.

Mostly from people we meet in our travels who have to go home at the end of it all to work. 

And sometimes from people who are following our adventures from afar.

Well the answer is this… (more…)

New Bloggers Share The Blogging Adventure

Two Baby Geese

I love these posts! Here are two new bloggers to share the highs and lows of blogging.

This week I am thrilled to introduce you to Caz and Jan who each look after a completely different audience but have the same positive attitude to their (more…)

Newbie Bloggers Share the Highs and Lows of Blogging – Part 2

two young baby rabbit isolated

This is part 2 in the series of bloggers sharing the highs and lows of blogging.

(if you missed part one you can read it here).

This week I have two women with gorgeous websites – Zivana’s website is all about women making the most of their mindset and Renee is all things that make beautiful gifts – her unique products will make your mouth water. (more…)

Are you ready to set up a website?! Only 15 places left!


Many of you missed out on the first Website Launchpad and thanks to all your emails and requests, I am holding one more.

Introducing the Website Launchpad… again!

note: This is probably the last one I do before I head off, so if you are aching to set up a website please jump in

The Website Launchpad is an action packed, 9 week course that starts from the absolute beginning.

There are only 15 places left for fun and adventurous individuals who would like to set up their own website/blog and alternative income stream. You may or may not already know what you want to do, that is fine. You may or may not already own a business, that is fine too!

This course is based on (more…)