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What is the secret? How do we really fit everything in?

Sucre, Bolivia

About once a week I get asked how I fit everything in.

There are usually a few exclamations mark at the end like: “How do you fit everything in?!!”

I guess from the outside it probably looks like (more…)

Business owners share: The book that inspired my business

Magic book

I just read the $100 Start Up and got super inspired again for my business, a brilliant read for small business owners or budding entrepreneurs

Anyway this made me think about all the business owners that took the plunge after reading a book. So I asked!! Here are 5 people who started a business and the book that inspired them. (more…)

How do you get to live such an AWESOME lifestyle?

Ruin Jumping at Copan

We get this question all the time.

Mostly from people we meet in our travels who have to go home at the end of it all to work. 

And sometimes from people who are following our adventures from afar.

Well the answer is this… (more…)

Is today a life changing day?


Every once in a while you have a day that changes everything.

The day you leave home, or decide to take a certain job.

The day you meet your future husband/wife, or leave your home country to live in foreign lands.

The day you have your first baby or buy your first property.

As we get older we start to get comfortable and the amount of life changing days subside. We also (more…)

Newbie Bloggers Share the Highs and Lows of Blogging – Part 2

two young baby rabbit isolated

This is part 2 in the series of bloggers sharing the highs and lows of blogging.

(if you missed part one you can read it here).

This week I have two women with gorgeous websites – Zivana’s website is all about women making the most of their mindset and Renee is all things that make beautiful gifts – her unique products will make your mouth water. (more…)

Newbie bloggers share their journey – Part 1

Small chicks and egg shells

Starting your first blog can be daunting, I get a lot of emails from people with a variety of concerns.

To help ease the way I have asked some of my blogger clients to share with you the highs and lows of starting a blog. These will be shared them with you over the next few weeks.

First up we speak to Paula from Soul Cuisine and Nancy from Woman Glow both who started their websites earlier this year. Read their interviews and if you (more…)