Business Coaching & Website Strategy

“After my coaching sessions with Serena I am so excited and motivated, I don’t want to sleep!”


Are you looking for clarity?


You know that feeling when you know exactly what you need to do? When everything suddenly makes sense?

Luckily you can choose to have that experience in your business, by booking one on one coaching with me!

I specialise in the start-up and expansion of small business, specifically

  • Lifestyle businesses
  • Passion based business
  • For good projects and ethical business
  • Blogs and websites

Most small business people start up on a tight budget. This means you need to be efficient with the budget you have for your website, marketing, PR, accounting, staff, design, content, communications etc.

Being efficient comes down to


Making the most of what you have – most people are surprised at the number of opportunities and resources they already have available to them.

Avoiding expensive mistakes – you will make mistakes! But eliminating many of them with an experienced coach will give your business a greater chance of success.

Prioritising your business – spend your time working on what will get you results, momentum and a solid grounding for growth.

In each session you will get


  • A chance to work through your ideas and to get started – now.
  • Practical solutions to the problems and challenges you will face – everyone faces them!
  • To engage in creative problem solving
  • Lashings of inspiration and a grounded understanding of how you can succeed
  • Loads of practical ways to increase your effectiveness and simplify your life so that you can find the time and resources to achieve your goal.

Why choose business coaching with me?


I am an experienced business coach who has worked with hundreds of clients in start up and expansion. I have set up my own business in a way that means I can travel the world permanently and have been travelling constantly since April 1st 2013.

I am the bestselling author of a motivational business book called “How to Retire in 12 Months”, a partner in Grassroots Internet Strategy that helps small business people succeed online, and Five Point Five, a passion project about travel and making a difference.

My favourite thing to do is help people find exciting ways to earn an income, run a business and enjoy life. I am experienced, and have an enthusiasm and energy for business that is extremely contagious.

The details


Sessions available by Skype, Viber, Facetime or Google Hangout.

Sessions are available subject to Internet connectivity! I am travelling and sometimes there is no internet in the jungle or on a yacht, but I am never far away.

Book coaching now!

**Email me after purchase if you wish to arrange gift certificates